Dry fats

Product groups:

  • Palmit 80 > Fractionated palm fatty acids (100% spray-dried rumen by-pass fat)
  • Palmit T 16 > Fractionated palm fat (100% spray-dried fat, also with phospholipids)
  • Nurisol > Ca-salts from palm fatty acids (saponated rumen by-pass fat)

The Nagel company is able to supply both kinds of dry fats (spray-dried by-pass fats or Ca-salts from fatty acids), from its own production facilities in Malaysia as well as by means of access to international markets of a high quality. Depending on their requirements, our customers can thus be supplied with a 100% spray-dried dry fat derived from fractionated palm fatty acids or palm fat (for example, products with very high levels of palmitic acid, C16:0) or a highly digestible and extremely effective Ca-soap. All these products are sampled and analysed after production process and imported as certified products following production.