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Quality management


In the food production chain, we as feed business operators are an important link and thus responsible for the safety of food. In particular, in the wake of serious incidents in the food and feed industry, we strive to strengthen consumer confidence in this industry. Quality is an important pillar on which our company is founded and the basis for good cooperation with customers and suppliers. Our multi-certified quality management system guarantees the highest standards and safety. To meet the requirements of the market, we are certified according to the guidelines of Qualität und Sicherheits GmbH (QS) and the regulations of the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC).

To us, sustainability is also a sign of quality, which is why we are ISCC certified. To support the cultivation of sustainable and certified palm oil, we are a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). You can find out more about our sustainability activities under Sustainability.

Kontrollierter Getreideanbau


QS - Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH

QS-Zertifizierte Lebensmittel

From the farmer to the shop counter - that's what the QS certification mark stands for!

The testing system for food has been in existence since October 2001 and is supported by economic operators in the feed industry, agriculture and production, the meat industry and the food retail trade. By integrating all stages of the food chain, the QS Standard has developed into a holistic system. Thus, all stages of the food chain are covered. Strict requirements apply to all certified companies - whether national or international - such as traceability or hygiene. Compliance with these requirements is regularly checked by independent auditors.

The certification system enables our company to contribute to safe feed and thus to ensure food safety at our level.

You can download our current registrations, certificates, approvals and other documents in the "Certificates" section.

QS certified and GMP+ recognised = full supply capability


International Sustainability and Carbon Certification

ISCC is the first state-recognised certification system that awards agricultural raw materials that comply with the sustainability regulations for bioenergy in Germany, the EU and third countries. The standard covers all elements of the supply chain: farms, collectors, conversion plants, traders, warehouses - for all agricultural raw materials as well as waste/residues. The aim is to ensure the traceability of biofuels and liquid biomass through the supply chains to their origin. This makes it possible to ensure that greenhouse gas emissions are reduced and that the cultivation of biomass does not destroy land worth protecting.

You can download our current registrations, certificates, approvals and other documents in the "Certificates" section.

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