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Flour treatment additives for the flour and baking industry



Heinrich Nagel KG supplies the milling and baking industry with various flour treatment agents for the standardization and optimization of flour qualities, as well as palm and coconut fats for the production of baked goods.

With our worldwide available products as well as comprehensive customer service, we promise a sustainable cooperation with mills, industrial bakeries and suppliers of the baking industry.

Mehlbehandlungsmittel für die Backindustrie

Vegetable fats

Our high-quality vegetable fats are suitable for use in the production of baked goods, confectionery and deep-frying products. Perfect results are achieved in the production of breads, fillings, fried foods, biscuits, fat glazes and chocolates.

Heinrich Nagel KG's vegetable fats consists on natural oils as palm oil, palm kernel oil and coconut oil, which can be supplied either in liquid form -in bulk- or in 15 to 20 kg blocks.

Besides the high quality standards, we emphasize a "clean label" and guarantee that our baking fats are non-hydrogenated, free of cholesterol and trans-fatty acids, and non-GMO.

Pflanzenfette für die Lebensmittelindustrie

Flour treatment additives

Heinrich Nagel KG supplies high-quality additives for the standardization of wheat flour qualities. Due to different climates and grain types, wheat flour quality can vary significantly. Our additives can compensate the lack of flour qualities and even improve the baking performance of these flours.

Moreover, we offer tailor-made solutions based on enzymes, oxidizing agents and other additives, to improve production processes of baking products and the quality and shelf life of the final product.

Additive zur Anpassung der Mehlqualitäten
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