• Futtermittel für die Aufzucht von Hochleistungskühen
  • Kraftfutter für Mastschweine
  • Futtermittel für die Viehzucht

Feed additives for livestock



Heinrich Nagel KG supplies the national and international compound feed industry as a competent partner with dry fats of all types (spray-dried or saponified) from a wide variety of fats and oils of vegetable origin.

The energy concept of feed fats is extended by the innovative product portfolio of the subsidiary Nagel Feed Ingredients (NFI). This enables us to offer a broad, sustainable and customer-oriented range of feed ingredients.

In addition to sustainability, quality in procurement, production, storage and sale of the products is of utmost importance - not only for us, but especially for you. All departments of trade and production work according to a certified quality management system in compliance with the standards of QS and GMP+.

Futterfette für die Vieh-Aufzucht

Feed Fats

Our high-quality feed fats from vegetable origin are designed for the high requirements in livestock farming. Our energy concepts for ruminants and monogastric animals are created together with our partners, whereby innovative product ideas are also applied.

Due to long-term partnerships with our manufacturers and our own production facilities, we have excellent access to international markets. Furthermore, we operate permanent sourcing, in order to be able to supply our partners according to individual wishes.

With the idea of sustainability of agricultural and food-technical production, we always face new challenges. In this way, we ensure that our partners can be supplied with sustainable feed fats.

Futterfette für die landwirtschaftliche Viehzucht

Monoglyceride­ concepts

The NAGEL Feed Ingredients GmbH (NFI) is a sister company of Heinrich Nagel KG (GmbH & Co.) that develops special feed additives for the feed industry. This complements the feed fat business of Heinrich Nagel KG with tailor-made solutions for animal welfare.

With many years of experience in the field of micro components, NFI can offer highly innovative monoglyceride concepts for all animal species.

Monoglyceride von der Nagel Feed Ingredients
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