Liquid fat

Heinrich Nagel KG supplies a wide range of feed fats and vegetable oils to the European feed industry.

Feed fats are an important ingredient for the ideal, performance-oriented animal feeding. We therefore produce feed fats with a large scale of different analytical fatty acid compositions– depending on the animal species and customers’ requirements. In addition to our standard products, which are defined by the respective linoleic acid content, we also supply special fat blends according to customer specifications. Please contact us for further information.

To ensure highest levels of product safety and traceability, our feed fats are produced in specific batches, which are fully analysed on dioxins (including the dioxin like and non-dioxin like PCB’s), PAH’s and pesticides before delivery. Furthermore the raw materials are analysed on harmful substances on a regular basis, before processing.

For our fat compositions we mainly use palm products (crude Palm Oil and PFAD), which we import directly from the country of origin in tank vessels. For our product safety, samples before shipment are drawn in the country of origin as well as after arrival in Europe and are analyzed in an official and independent laboratory in Germany on all harmful substances.