The firm supplies the national and international feed manufacturing industry and is an experienced partner in terms of both liquid fats and oils and also dry fats (spray-dried or saponified). The range of activities within the feed manufacturing industry is complemented by other specialty products, such as, for example, choline chloride, melosa, methionine hydroxy analogue, and phytogenic additives.

Long-term partnerships with producers has ensured good access to international markets and therefore also to special products for the animal feed sector. In addition, the Nagel company also handles permanent sourcing.

The concept of sustainability in agricultural and food technical production continually presents a set of new and wide-ranging challenges for the Nagel company in its search for new products. As a result, the Nagel company is certified according to ISCC standards.

In addition to sustainability, the quality of procurement, production, storage and sale of the products is also of the utmost importance - not only for us, but for you in particular. All trade and production departments operate according to a certified quality management system in line with QA and GMP + standards, and are checked at regular intervals by auditors.