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  • Öle und Fette für Oleochemische und technische Anwendungen
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Heinrich Nagel KG

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Agricultural Use


Our vegetable feed fats increase the ration energy density and thus the energy intake by the animal. Supplementing our standardised high-quality feed fats helps increase milk production and composition in cows, as well as daily weight gain in beef cattle and pigs.

Chemical and technical applications


We offer different types of vegetable oils and animal fats for oleochemical and technical applications. The significance of vegetable oils will increase in the future, especially in the field of lubricants and for applications in ecologically sensitive areas. Animal fats play a central role in the production of fatty acids and provide an important alternative to palm oil.

Pet food production


We supply the pet food industry with a wide variety of products, which are used, among other things, as raw materials for the production of pet food. The products are sourced exclusively from certified companies based in Europe. Our core competence is the production of special protein meals.

For the food industry


Heinrich Nagel KG supplies the flour and baking industry with a wide variety of flour treatment agents for optimising and standardising flour qualities. We also supply palm and coconut fats for the production of baked goods. With our globally available products and comprehensive customer support, we promise a sustainable and economical cooperation with mills, industrial bakeries and suppliers to the baking industry.

We deliver what we promise!

As a family owned business in fourth generation we are mainly active in the national and international B2B field of feed and food ingredients, oleochemical products and petfood. We set a high value on trustful and up to date thinking staff for paving the way of our company into the next century.


Latest atricles

  • Petzoo Eurasia

    Thursday, 09. November 2023
    Our experience at Petzoo Eurasia in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey, was truly special. It was fascinating to explore the pet food market and meet both familiar and new faces.
  • Pet Food Brazil

    Friday, 29. September 2023
    The Pet Food Event in Brazil has been quite an interesting experience.
  • sales meeting 2023

    Sunday, 25. June 2023
    Absolutely thrilled to share that our annual Heinrich Nagel Team sales meeting was a grand success! This event was an outstanding testament to our team's dedication, passion, and drive.
  • Zoomark 2023

    Friday, 16. June 2023
    We recently returned from the vibrant #zoomark2023 Petfood event in Bologna, Italy. The event was a hub of energy, filled with enriching interactions with both new and familiar industry professionals.
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